Driving cattle up to Mt King Billy - John Lovick, his son Kane Lovick and Kelly Lovick

"……..By nine o'clock in the morning the sun's up and it's hot, so we might be up at 4.30, go and pick up the cattle from where we've left them camp the night and start bringing them up past our camp and head 'em on again. It gives them plenty of time. In a couple of hours they'll walk a lot further in the cool of the morning than they will in 5 or 6 hours during the heat of the day. You've just gotta give them their time. They know exactly where they're going, every year they come out here and you could turn them out from the paddock in Merrijig and just let them go and eventually 90 percent of them would make their own way out here, all the way…."
          ~ John Lovick ~